Richard Liddicut Audio Sessions

A Special Note for Safety
The thrust of these sessions is for the person practising to be uplifted and healthy.
The sessions are not supervised, so you yourself must never push outside of what you know to be safe for you to do. You can modify the practice to be milder, or suspend it if you fear there is any risk – remember any pre-existing conditions, age… etc. The practices generally fit into the mild-medium band, however even then, those with pre-existing conditions need to be watchful.
Also, consider the environment and props used. Your bedroom or whatever room you may be using may not have adequate space or floor evenness for example. Be mindful of a normal yoga space and props and adjust appropriately.
These points simply form a sound base for your enjoyment and safety. The main thing is for you to enjoy the practices.

Session 1 [21:45] (20th May 2020)
Conscious Standing with breath.
Loosening practices.

Session 2 [48:43] (3rd June 2020)
9 practices.
Practical movements with breath.

Session 3 [46:42] (3rd July 2020)
Om Shanti Mantra
Part 1 Active: Sounding aloud
Part 2 Passive: Hearing the Mantra in relaxation or meditation.

Session 4 [1:17:36] (28th July, 2020)
LONG SESSION: Physical and Pranic Preparation for Om Shanti
Still to be released

Session 5 [14:24] (18th July 2020)
Remembering face to face classes with "Om Saha Navavatu..." chant


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