Brush and Ink Cat 'Shodo', Japanese calligraphy, and many techniques of sumi painting require the practitioner to follow a prescribed choreography of ink, brush, paper, posture and breath. This develops a deeper mindfulness, a refinement of perception and a focussing of one's innate energies. This approach will be complimented with recognition of each student's uniqueness and often a chance for them to improvise with brush and ink.

Shodo - worksheet Calligraphy

The teacher:

  • Is a qualified secondary art teacher
  • Since 1973, has studied under a number of Oriental ink brush painting and calligraphy teachers. His major teachers have been André Sollier, Yap Teo Khoon, Ms Shigyoku Kitaji, Zhang Jian Xhong, Yao Dixiong and Mr. Houzan Ikegami. For 16 years he studied under the modern Japanese calligraphy master, the late Inagaki Suho, and presently holds the teaching rank 'Shihan Kaku' with the Shodo Gaku Shu School, Nagoya, Japan.
  • In 1980 began teaching Japanese ink painting at Mangala Studios.
  • Since 1980 he exhibited in over 20 exhibitions in Japan, USA, Austria and throughout Australia.
  • Since 2005 Richard has travelled further into the deeper and meditational world of brush and ink for the spiritual dimension itself and as a base for sumi e, shodo and yoga teaching.
  • Currently a part-time resident of Nara – the ancient capital of Japan

For further information telephone Richard on (03)9387 1236 or email